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SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO (search engine optimization)
SEO marketing strategies
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Get more visitors to your website with search engine optimization.

Potential customers search daily on google for products and services. If your website does not score high on keywords, the potential customer might choose the competitor who scores higher than you on keywords. With search engine optimization, Ad Kings ensures that your website scores a high-ranked position on Google for relevant keywords and will be easier to find.

Why would you choose SEO?

Investment in improving your website
Get found by (potential) customers every day
Clear reports on the results
Better findability & online visibility
Long-term results

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Analysis of your SEO campaign

  • Content
  • Keywords
  • Backlinks
  • Technical SEO
  • Competitive Research
  • OnPage SEO


What are the goals of your SEO campaign and what keywords do you want to be found on?

Link Building

  • Which links are relevant to your website?
  • What links do your competitors have?
  • Article Marketing

100+ companies we help grow

Mason Garments
Premium Bikes
ARO wonen
Laminaat Paleis
Tandartspraktijk Dentia
The Real Estate Company
Rijschool Blaak
Taxi Broos
Barber District
Verhuisbedrijf Drechtsteden
TUTUS taxi
Restaurant Fenicie
Simex Transport & Forwarding
Coen Saloon
Rijschool BVO
De Taxi Opleider
Stones Cafe

Long-term results with SEO

It is important to be patient with SEO. To rank high, you need time. However, after hard work, those results will last quite long. Your website can´t be missed.

With SEO, you can be certain of a few things. When someone is specifically looking for something they will come across your website. So these people are searching for specific products and are also interested in these products! Only because you managed to grab a nice spot on Google.

What are the advantages of SEO?

  • No cost per click, like with SEA campaigns
  • High-quality visitors

Think about your visitors

Search engine optimization is easier said than done. If you keep entering the same keywords and content then little will change. To score well, you need to think about your visitors. When a visitor experiences a good customer journey, your website will be successful.

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What our customers say about us

Laminaat Paleis

We have been working with Ad Kings for many years. This was a very conscious choice because many good stories were circulating about their work. They have been doing our Adwords from day 1. SEO technical rankings are very high and therefore we are very easy to find for our customers. This applies to our entire region. Because Ad Kings did such a good job I have now given them the assignment to take my SEO nationwide to grow as a company. The success we have had with Laminaat Paleis is partly the success of Ad Kings.

Laminaat Paleis

Oguz Karadavut

Mason Garments

Mason Garments has been successfully working with Ad Kings for 3 years. The growth marketing agency is responsible for the execution of all our Google campaigns. In addition, Ad Kings makes sure that Mason Garments can implement all newly introduced features immediately in the active campaigns. All Ad Kings employees involved have a very proactive work attitude and are easy to deal with. Finally, Ad Kings also values relationship management. Every week, Ad Kings employees make time to evaluate the active campaigns and make any adjustments immediately. In short, through skill and empathy, Ad Kings is a valuable partner that Mason Garments can build on!

Google Ads
Google Shopping
Youtube Campaign

Mason Garments

Pieter Lazeroms

simex transport

We are very happy with Ad Kings and are discovering how much is possible online. In this way, online opportunities are now being exploited which we previously missed.

Simex Transport & Forwarding

Ziya Quliyev